Why Does Allison Have An Opinion? And Who Cares?


My entire life, all 47 years of it I have had opinions. Yes even from the day I was born, ask my mom she’ll tell you its true. As I got older she used to say that I like talking just to hear myself talk and that I had a bad case of verbal diarrhea. Its not a pretty analogy but it was true. That has never changed. But the one thing I did do as I got older was hide my opinions, filter them, not share them, make them a little more pc friendly. Why? Because I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings, I did not want to upset anyone.

But things have slowly started to change now that I am getting to the end of my 40’s and that is that I don’t fucking care anymore. I have seen so many stupid and assassin things going on in the world that I have wanted to respond to, speak out and give my opinion about, that I could not hold back any longer so I have decided to add this little page on my website called "Allison Has An Opinion". I did not attempt to come up with a catchy title, because this simply is a page where I share my opinions. I don’t care how they come off, I don’t care if anyone thinks I am right or wrong, I just know that finally having the balls to speak my opinion out loud and proud will give me such inner satisfaction.

What is it you ask that I have an opinion about…my answer, Pretty much anything that gets under my skin, intrigues me, makes me think, makes me question, makes me say WHY oh WHY!

Come join me, read and comment with me. Share your opinion’s. Let’s take a ride down the rabbit hole together, and see what craziness we can find. See you in Wonderland!

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