Services Offered

Freelance Writing Services

I am a Professional Freelance Writer. I offer a wide range of writing services that can assist you with your online presence and business success. Let me help you make your job easier.

My writing services are ideal for entrepreneurs who aren’t comfortable with writing or who don’t have time to regularly write their own articles.

All work is SEO optimized.

Article Generation/Blog Content – 

I offer strong Article and Story generation for your company website, blog or idea. If you are interested in having some of your own ideas written by a professional writer for publication I can do that for you as well.

Last Minute Jobs – 

If you are running short on time and have let a writing job or two slip to the wayside, contact me and I will get it done on time. Let me take the stress of the deadline away from you.

Ghost Writing Services  –

I will write your article with your ideas and provide a clean copy for you to publish on your site with your name attached.

Research Services –

I provide all research for articles I am writing, as well I provide research services to you for articles you may be writing. If you need to know what the facts are or want to make sure you have your facts correct, contact me and I can help you get your facts straight!


My rates are on par with general market rates for copy editing and writing services, as you can see from the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), which compiles market data to determine average professional rates.

While the EFA provides hourly rates, and some tasks are best left to an hourly rate, I’m happy to discuss a per-word, flat bid, or flat fee plus hourly rate if it would benefit your project. Until we discuss the scope of work necessary to complete a project, however, you can use the EFA’s report on hourly market rates to estimate a “ballpark” figure.

I am sometimes flexible with pricing, particularly smaller projects that I can fit into my current project load, so if you are operating on a budget, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact me. I pride myself on my ability to work within a budget, so it is entirely possible we can find a solution that meets both our needs.

Rates vary by project type, client requirements, and the amount of front-end work required to start the project.  Must I interview experts to get the information needed before writing, or do you have data available? Have you performed keyword research, or will I be doing that before writing? Etc.

Generally, rates will be in the following range, but again, I can bid by word ($.25 – $.50), hour, or project to meet your needs and preferences.


Writing, journalism/articles/ghostwriting $50/hr

Writing, last minute jobs $60/hr






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