Who Should We Protect and Why?

Yet another article “The interests of children conceived through egg and sperm donation must be protected” has come forward in our Canadian press in support of ending donor gamete anonymity.  I have mentioned before that I struggle with this as I am not sure voicing my true opinion would be very favourable to those who are in complete support.  I am not opposed to children born via sperm or egg donor having the right to know their genetics, but I am opposed to having the people who donated believing their anonymity was secure being subjected to having the laws changed on them and now having their information made available.  I feel that if the provincial governments want to put laws into place to ban anonymity going forward, that is fine.  Those who choose to donate would know that there would not be any hiding of their identities and when their offspring turn 18 they may very well be contacted for whatever reason the child feels the need to do so.

Our children will have the opportunity to meet any half siblings and although we used an anonymous donor, if they choose to try and find out more information about him, they will be supported.  We are not making the fact they are donor conceived a secret in our family.

Now to change gears a little and comment on the comments that are being made on the Globe and Mail website about this article.  I am both amazed and disgusted by the way a lot of commenters are making this about how the children or moms will want to come after the donor for financial support.  Wow, I have to wonder what has happened in their life that makes them so damn cynical.

I have posted a few examples of these comments.  I should mention that female bashing and hatred towards those of us who made the decision to use donor gametes, for whatever our reasons, was also running rampant among the comments.  But I figured at least those people although very filled with negativity were staying somewhat on topic in regards to the article.  The comments about men being forced to pay in the end for the children they helped create are so off topic and ridiculous.

Here are a few examples:

muscle280 wrote:

9:45 AM on February 22, 2012

You make this a battle between the child, the courts and the father. WHERE IS THE MOTHER IN ALL OF THIS? She decided to get invitro-fertilization. She decided to not have a man in her life. She wanted her right to get pregnant upheld ant any cost. She kept the secrets form her own child. She laid the foundation for her child’s distress. I’d like to ask mom a few pithy questions, before dad is hauled in like some sort of miscreant, 20 years after the fact.

gilleslibre wrote:

6:20 AM on February 22, 2012

Another group who’s after the man’s money. In the end, it will again be a money chase and and money grab.

confused in rothesay wrote:

2:37 PM on February 22, 2012

i suppose they will want child support if the sperm donor is well off. have to love these left wing nuts. they don’t want the e-mails watched but sperm donors don’t deserve privacy?

angus magee wrote:

5:09 PM on February 22, 2012

Get ready to cough up some cash you guys that thought you could help someone out and make a couple bucks on the side by spanking the monkey. LOLOLOLOL The gov and the radical feminazis are about to have their way with you boy let the raping of those dupes begin.

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